Advanced Compressor Failure Diagnosis

When an AC Compressor fails, it is important to understand why the failure occurred prior to fitting the new unit. There are many causes of compressor failure and that reason can affect the rest of the system.

If a front bearing seizes or breaks up for example, that damage is usually confined to the external pulley and clutch assembly. Whilst this may damage the drive belt, it is not always a major problem. Fitting a new compressor, although expensive, is usually sufficient. It is however important that the drive belt tension is checked and set correctly.

If a compressor fails due to lack of lubrication or overheating, it can cause seizure and possible break up of the internal parts, leaving metallic debris which can be distributed around the system and leave minute particles which can damage the new compressor. 

In response to demand from Main Dealers, Garages and Car Sales outlets, we have invested in microscopic analysis equipment to ascertain the probability of a further compressor failure and the need for a full system flush.

Flushing an AC system is no longer advised in systems with modern microbore condensers as it can spread debris and cause blockages. So, when done correctly, it is a major undertaking, involving condenser replacement, which can be expensive, therefore, it is wise to decide if the cost is needed.

With analysis costing as little as £25 for regular customers, it makes sense to find out if flushing is required.