Mercedes Benz New system

Why another new system? 

Mercedes Benz were unhappy with R1234yf as they felt it endangered their customers by being an explosive substance. They feel that CO2 is safer and more sustainable given the reduced impact on the climate.

CO2 (R744) is a natural component of air and only has a Global Warming Potential of 1, about the same as 1234yf but well below the GWP of R134a which is 1430.

Since it is a waste product from industrial processes and its environmental impact is already "recorded" there, it is in fact environmentally neutral for subsequent use (GWP = 0). A system operated with R744 is also more efficient than a R134a system.

Economic benefits of R744/CO2

A system operated with R744 has a higher efficiency than a R134a system. Approximately 25% less fuel is consumed for the same cooling capacity. Thus not only the exhaust gas emissions but also the operating costs are reduced. The straightforward and safe handling of R-744 reduces service times by more than half compared to R-134a. R-744 is not subject to the Chemicals Climate Protection Regulation since it is not a chemical refrigerant. Although CO2 does run at a much higher pressure, the systems are stronger and should therefore be less prone to impact damage and corrosion.

The acquisition cost for the refrigerant per kg is lower. As a result, the overall service cost is lower and given the high cost of alternatives, will give a benefit to the customer in reduced re-charge cost.



  • No direct greenhouse gas emissions
  • Sustainable, approved refrigerant available at low prices in the long term
  • Non-toxic, no toxic decomposition products
  • Non-combustible, extinguishing agent
  • Reduces exhaust gas emissions