We now fully comply with the new European F-Gas Regulations and are equipped to work on all types of vehicles A/C systems.

As Specialists, we have the most advanced Ultrasound Leak Detection System, which, when used in conjunction with Nitrogen, can usually find leaks which ordinary garages can't and we can carry out most repairs, including fitting of all components and serviceable items at up to 50% of the normal cost

With our many years experience, we are qualified, equipped and able to work on:-

    • All Makes & Models of Modern Cars, Vans & 4x4's
    • All Types of Classic & Imported Car
    • Tractors - Combines - Sprayers
    • Heavy Plant & Earthmoving Equipment
    • Light Aircraft, Boats,  Caravans & Campers
    • Car Heating, Cooling & Ventilation Problems
    • Radiators Supplied, Fitted and Tested
    • Carry out AC PAG Oil Analysis
    • AC System Flushing


  • We also provide a refrigerant disposal service to car breakers, garages and demolition contractors. Being Envionment Agency registered means that we can provide the EPA Consignment Notes that are required by law. We provide a complete service, all it takes is a phone call.


We don't change tyres !

Use so called 'Leak Stoppers' - they don't work and they can cause serious damage to systems and charging equipment. Hopefully they will be banned in the near future.

We don't do 'top ups' - whilst it is possible to get a car air con system working by just adding more refrigerant, it is very bad practice. Without knowing what refrigerant and how much is in the system, it is impossible to correctly charge a vehicle. Also, the system needs to be vacuumed for around 20 minutes prior to recharging, in order to remove any residual air and moisture. The aerosol 'top up' cans available at one of the large car accesory shops do not mention that fact. The result of 'topping up' is usually an expensive repair.

We NEVER recharge a system without leak testing with Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN). Although it is more expensive to use OFN for leak testing, it is the only legal and safe way. Some garages are using compressed air to test, which adds moisture to the system and can leave residual oxygen which when mixed with refrigerant and compressed can cause explosive destruction of the condenser, and we would NEVER test for a leak using Refrigerant.

Leak Testing by vacuuming alone is misleading and, if relied on solely as a leak test, is in most cases, illegal. Most of the low price offers seen at some tyre fitters will only provide a vacuum test. Which is why they fail to diagnose most of the leaks on cars they recharge.

Insist on an OFN pressure test BEFORE your car aircon system is charged!

Remember - it is a criminal offence to recharge a system that you know or suspect is leaking. If the system is empty - a leak must be suspected.