Car Aircon Refrigerant & Parts At Swindon's Best Prices !!


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As well as providing an excellent car air con repair and recharge service to Garages, Body Shops, Car Dealers etc, we can provide a full range of spares such as Condensers, Compressors, Driers etc, in fact, if it's fitted to a car AC system, we can usually supply it on a next day delivery. With our experience and buying power, we scour the European markets and source the best parts at the lowest prices.  

PLEASE NOTE - All parts we supply are good quality with a minimum 12 or 18 month guarantee - We don't do cheap and nasty parts that don't fit !!


Ford Mondeo IVCondenser    RRP - £292 - OUR PRICE - £94

Porsche 911 Condenser        RRP - £262 - OUR PRICE - £157 each  (requires 2) 

Audi A4 1.9 TDi Compressor   

RRP - £660 (New) OUR PRICE - £416 (New) - £292 (Remanufactured)

Ford Mondeo IV Compressor   

RRP - £486 (New) OUR PRICE - £275 (New)

Theses are just a few examples, remember, we can usually supply ANY part for ANY Car - prices change daily, so please ring and compare before you buy

All prices are subject to a £10 courier charge.

Because we buy in bulk direct from the distributors, we can also sell Refrigerant R-134a at well below the usual retail price. Whether it be a single cylinder or a pallet, ring us first then compare our price with your usual supplier and see how much you will save!

PLEASE NOTE:  We only supply refrigerant to trade customers who are F-Gas qualified in the Safe Handling of Refrigerants.