New Regulations

R1234yf   Replacing   R-134a

Although the ‘New’ refrigerant for vehicle air conditioning was introduced in 2014, it was only fitted on entirely new models.
From January 2017, ALL new cars (2017 models) sold will need to have the new system fitted. We have spent time and money ensuring that we have the best equipment to deal with the new system and are currently working on reducing the price of servicing and repairs.
The ‘New’ refrigerant is almost £500 per 5kg bottle and entirely new, dedicated equipment has to be used, so the costs involved for the customer are much higher than previously.
We are currently dealing mainly with accident repair centres and bodyshops, but can offer a good service to all the motoring trade and public.
So, if you are struggling to get your new car AC repaired or serviced, give us a ring and we’ll be pleased to offer advise or quote for putting things right.

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What’s Happening!

What’s Happening!


We are getting many calls that we cannot return due to incomplete or poor quality messages.

Our landline does not save numbers, so please leave a contact number. Speak slowly and clearly and we WILL ring you back.

As the weather cools down, the workload is reducing to a more manageable level. Although still busy, we do have slots available, so if you have a problem with your car AC, contact us and we’ll do our best to help out.

It has been a strange Summer for all of us. Let’s hope a return to normality is not far off.

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